School Board Policies

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School Board Policies - Page last modified 06/24/13

  Many of these policies have been revised during the year's 2005 - 2009 .  As more policies are revised, they will be posted. All policies are Copyrighted to the Commodore Perry School District. Policies must be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher. Policies will be added to the index as the School Board reviews and finalizes them.

bulletTable Of Contents
bullet000's - Local Board Procedures
bullet000 - Board Policy/Procedure/Administrative Regulations
bullet001 - Name and Classification
bullet002 - Authority & Powers
bullet003 - Functions
bullet004 - Membership
bullet005 - Organization
bullet006 - Meetings
bullet007 - Distribution
bullet011 - Board Governance Standards/Code Of Conduct
bullet100's - Programs
bullet100 - Strategic Plan
bullet101 - Mission Statement/Belief Statements
bullet102 - Academic Standards
bullet103 - NonDiscrimination In School & Classroom Practices
bullet103-Attachment - Report Form For Complaints Of Discrimination
bullet104 - NonDiscrimination In Employment & Contract Practices
bullet104-Attachment - Report Form For Complaints Of Discrimination
bullet105.0 - Curriculum Development
bullet105.1 - Curriculum Review By Parents/Guardians & Students
bullet105.2 - Exemption From Instruction
bullet106 - Guides For Planned Instruction
bullet107 - Adoption Of Planned Instruction
bullet108 - Adoption Of Text Books
bullet109 - Resource Materials
bullet110 -  Instructional Supplies
bullet111 - Lesson Plans
bullet112 - Guidance Counseling
bullet113.0 - Special Education
bullet113.1 - Discipline Of Students With Disabilities
bullet114 - Gifted Education
bullet115 - Vocational Technical Education
bullet116 - Tutoring
bullet117 - Homebound Instruction
bullet118 - Independent Study
bullet119 - Current Events
bullet120 - Human Development
bullet121 - Field Trips
bullet122 - Extracurricular Activities
bullet123 - Interscholastic Athletics
bullet123.1 - Concussion Management
bullet124 - Summer School
bullet125 - Adult Education
bullet126 - Class Size
bullet127 - Assessments
bullet130 - Homework
bullet137 - Home Education Programs
bullet138 - Limited English Proficiency Program
bullet140.0 - Charter Schools
bullet140.1 - Extracurricular Participation By Charter/Cyber Charter Students
bullet142 - Migrant Students
bullet143 - Standards For Persistently Dangerous Schools
bullet144 - Standards For Victims Of Violent Crimes
bullet146 - Student Services
bullet200's - Pupils
bullet200 - Enrollment In District
bullet200-AR Enrollment Of Student
bullet200-AR-1 Student Classifications For Enrollment
bullet201 - Admission Of Students
bullet202 - Eligibility Of Nonresident Students
bullet203.0 - Communicable Diseases And Immunizations
bullet203.1 - HIV Infections
bullet204 - Attendance
bullet205 - Postgraduate Students
bullet206 - Assigment Within District
bullet207 - Confidential Communications Of Students
bullet208 - Withdrawl From School
bullet209.0 - Health Examinations/Screenings
bullet209.1 - Head Lice
bullet210.0 - Use Of Medications
bullet210.1 - Possession/Use Of Asthma Inhalers
bullet211 - Student Accident Insurance
bullet212 - Reporting Student Progress
bullet213 - Assment Of Student Progress
bullet214 - Class Rank
bullet215 - Promotion And Retention
bullet216.0 - Student Records
bullet216.1 - Supplemental Discipline Records
bullet216 - Attachment - Notification Of Rights Parents/Guardians/Eligible Students
bullet217 - Graduation Requirements
bullet218.0 - Student Discipline
bullet218.1 - Weapons
bullet218.2 - Terroristic Threats/Acts
bullet219 - Student Complaint Progress
bullet220 - Student Expression/Distribution And Posting Of Materials
bullet221 - Dress & Grooming
bullet222 - Tobacco Use
bullet223 - Use of Bicycles & Motor Vehicles
bullet224 - Care of School Property
bullet225 - Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
bullet226 - Searches
bullet227 - Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia
bullet228 - Student Government
bullet229 - Student Fundraising
bullet230 - Public Performances by Students
bullet231 - Social Events & Class Trips
bullet232 - Student Involvement in Decision-Making
bullet233 - Suspension & Expulsion
bullet234 - Pregnant Students
bullet235 - Student Rights/Surveys
bullet236 - Student Assistance Program
bullet237 - Electronic Devices
bullet239 - Foreign Exchange Students
bullet245 - Student Identification Cards
bullet246 - Student Wellness
bullet247 - Hazing
bullet248 - Unlawful Harassment
bullet248 - Attachment - Report form for Complaints of Unlawful Harassment
bullet249 - Bullying and Cyber Bullying
bullet250 - Student Recruitment - Armed Services & Post Secondary Institutions
bullet251 - Homeless Students
bullet300's - Administrative Employees
bullet301 - Creating A Position
bullet302 - Employment of Superintendent
bullet303 - Employment of Administrators
bullet308 - Employment Contract
bullet309 - Assignment & Transfer
bullet310 - Abolishing A Position
bullet311 - Suspensions & Furloughs
bullet312 - Evaluation of Superintendent
bullet313 - Evaluation of Administrative Employees
bullet314.0 - Physical Examination
bullet314.1 - HIV Infection
bullet316 - Nontenured Employees
bullet317 - Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
bullet319 - Outside Activities
bullet320 - Freedom Of Speech In Nonschool Settings
bullet321 - Political Activities
bullet322 - Gifts
bullet323 - Tobacco Use
bullet324 - Personnel Files
bullet325 - Dress & Grooming
bullet327 - Management Team
bullet328 - Compensation Plan
bullet331 - Job Related Expenses
bullet333 - Professional Development
bullet334 - Sick Leave
bullet335 - Family & Medical Leaves
bullet335-AR Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet335-AR-1 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet335-AR-2 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet335-AR-3 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet336 - Personal Necessity Leave
bullet337 - Vacation
bullet338 - Sabbatical/Professional Leave
bullet339 - Uncompensated Leave
bullet342 - Jury Duty
bullet348 - Unlawful Harassment
bullet348 - Attachment - Report form for Complaints of Unlawful Harassment
bullet351 - Drug & Substance Abuse
bullet400's - Professional Employees
bullet401- Creating a Position
bullet404 - Employment Of Professional Employees
bullet405 - Employment Of Substitute Professional Employees
bullet406 - Employment Of Summer School Staff
bullet407 - Student Teachers/Interns
bullet408 - Employment Contract
bullet409 - Assignment And Transfer
bullet410 - Abolishing A Position
bullet411 - Suspensions & Furloughs
bullet412 - Evaluations Of Professional Employees
bullet413 - Evaluation Of Temporary Professional Employees
bullet414 - Physical Examination
bullet414.1 - HIV Infection
bullet416 - Non-Tenured Staff Members
bullet417 - Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
bullet418 - Penalties For Tardiness
bullet419 - Outside Activities
bullet420 - Freedom Of Speech In Noninstructional Settings
bullet421 - Political Activities.
bullet422 - Gifts
bullet423 - Tobacco Use
bullet424 - Personnel Files
bullet425 - Dress And Grooming
bullet428 - Salary Determination
bullet431 - Job Related Expenses
bullet432 - Working Periods
bullet433 - Professional Developement
bullet434 - Sick Leave
bullet435 Professional Employees Family And Medical Leave
bullet435-AR Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet435-AR-1 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet435-AR-2 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet435-AR-3 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet436 - Personnel Necessity Leave
bullet438 - Sabbatical/Professional Leave
bullet439 - Uncompensated Leave
bullet440 - Responsibility For Student Welfare
bullet442 - Jury Duty
bullet448 - Unlawful Harassment
bullet448-Attach - Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
bullet451 - Drug And Substance Abuse
bullet500's - Support Employees
bullet501 - Creating A Position
bullet504 - Employment Of Support Employees
bullet505 -  Employment Of Substitute And Short Term Employees
bullet508 - Employment Contract
bullet509 - Assignment And Transfers
bullet511 - Suspensions And Furloughs
bullet512 - Evaluation Of Support Employees
bullet514 - Physical Examinations
bullet514.1 -  HIV Infection
bullet517 - Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
bullet518 - Penalties For Tardiness
bullet519 -  Outside Activities
bullet520 - Freedom Of Speech In  Noninstructional Settings
bullet521 - Political Activities
bullet522 - Gifts
bullet523 - Tobacco Use
bullet524 - Personnel Files
bullet525 - Dress And Grooming
bullet528 - Salary Determination
bullet530 - Overtime
bullet531 - Job Related Expenses
bullet532 - Working Periods
bullet534 - Sick Leave
bullet535 Support Employees Family And Medical Leaves
bullet535-AR Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet535-AR-2 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet535-AR-3 Administrative Regulation Family & Medical Leaves
bullet536 - Personal Necessity Leave
bullet537 - Vacation
bullet539 - Uncompensated Leave
bullet541 - Benefits Part Time Personnel
bullet542 - Jury Duty
bullet543 -  Paid Holidays
bullet548 - Unlawful Harassment
bullet548 Attachment - Report Form For Complaints Of Unlawful Harassment
bullet551 - Drug And Substance Abuse
bullet600's - Finances
bullet601 - Fiscal Objectives
bullet602 - Budget Planning
bullet603 - Budget Preparation
bullet604 - Budget Adoption
bullet605 - Tax Levy
bullet606 - Tax Collection
bullet606.1 - Exoneration From Per Capita taxes
bullet607 - Tuition Income
bullet608 - Bank Accounts
bullet609 - Investment Of District Funds
bullet610 - Purchases Subject To Bid/Quotation
bullet611 - Purchases Budgeted
bullet612 - Purchases Not Budgeted
bullet613 - Cooperative Purchasing
bullet614 - Payroll Authorization
bullet615 - Payroll Deductions
bullet616 - Payment Of Bills
bullet617 - Petty Cash
bullet618 - Student Activity Funds
bullet619 - District Audit
bullet621 - Local taxpayer Bill Of Rights
bullet622 - GASB Statement 34
bullet626 - Federal Fiscal Compliance
bullet626-AR  - Administrative Regulation Federal Fiscal Compliance
bullet700's - Property
bullet701 - Facilities Planning
bullet702 - Gifts, Grants, Donations
bullet703 - Sanitary Management
bullet704 - Maintenance
bullet705 - Safety
bullet706 -  Property Records
bullet707 - Use Of School Facilities
bullet708 - Lending Of Equipment And Books
bullet709 - Building Security
bullet710 - Use Of Facilities By Staff
bullet715 - Use Of  Fax Machines
bullet716 - Integrated Pest Management
bullet800's - Operations
bullet800 - Records Management
bullet800-AR Administrative Regulation
bullet800-AR-1 Administrative Regulation Record Management (Records Retention Schedule)
bullet800-AR-2 Administrative Regulation Record Management (Litigation Hold)
bullet801 Public Records
bullet801-AR Administrative Regulations (Exempted Records)
bullet801-AR-2 Administrative Regulations (Fees For Public Record Request)
bullet802 - School Organization
bullet803 - School Calendar
bullet804 - School Day
bullet805 - Emergency Evacuation Of Schools
bullet806 - Child/Student Abuse
bullet807 - Opening Exercised Flag Displays
bullet808 - Food Service
bullet808.1 - Lunch Tickets
bullet810 - Transportation
bullet810.1 - Drug/Alcohol Testing Covered Drivers
bullet810.2 - Video cameras On Buses
bullet811 - Bonding
bullet812 - Property Insurance
bullet813 - Other Insurance
bullet814 Copyright Material
bullet814-AR Administrative Regulations Copyright Procedures
bullet814-AR-1 Administrative Regulations Copyright Permission
bullet810.1 - Transportation Drug And Alcohol Testing Covered Drivers
bullet815 - Acceptable Use Of Internet
bullet818 Contracted Services
bullet822 - Automated External Defribulator (AED)
bullet825 - State Mandate Waivers
bullet830 - Breach Of Computerized Personal Information
bullet900's - Community
bullet901 - Public Relations Objectives
bullet902 - Publications Programs
bullet903 - Public Participation In Board Meetings
bullet904 - Public Attendance At school Events
bullet905 - Citizen Advisory Committees
bullet906 - Public Complaints
bullet907 - School Visitors
bullet908 - Relations With Parents/Guardians
bullet909 -  Municipal Government Relations
bullet910 - Community Engagement
bullet911 - News Media Relations
bullet912 - Relations With Educational Institutions
bullet913 - NonSchool Organizations/Groups/individuals
bullet914 - Relations With Intermediate Unit
bullet 915 - Booster Club
bullet917  - Parental/Family Involvement
bullet918 - Title 1 Parental Involvement
bullet919 - District/School Report Cards


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