Dear Parents of Commodore Perry:


     In response to some questions we have been receiving regarding school lunches of late, we are publishing this short summary of our service. It is our sincere hope to answer some of your questions in this forum.  If you have questions beyond these basic outlines please feel free to contact either the food service manager or the superintendent at the school for more in depth explanations.

     We operate an offer versus serve lunch system here at Commodore Perry.  Simply put we allow the students to choose what goes on their lunch tray.  Students are asked to take a minimum of three, and at maximum five, of the food items offered, to have a state reimbursable lunch.   Items such as baked potato chips, iced tea, ice cream, and snack crackers are considered ala carte items and are priced from $0.45 to $0.75.

     Every Lunch (K-12 grade) includes at least two options for vegetables, various fresh and canned fruits, 100% juice, and a variety of low-fat milks.  We offer at least four entrée items every Day for Elementary.  We offer the deli bar for middle and high school students giving them the opportunity to have sandwiches and wraps made to their order.  We also offer an open salad bar each day where they can make their own salad.  With those two additions to the middle and high school lunches, they get at least six different entrée options every day.  Sandwiches count as two, (Meat + Bread).  We encourage each student to take an Entrée, fruit or juice, vegetable, and milk for a well-balanced meal.  A student who takes, for instance, a Rib Sandwich and Milk will be charged for a lunch because they took at least three items.  The very next student may take a Rib Sandwich and Milk as well, but may also choose to have a serving of Tater Tots and a fresh Banana.  Both students have the state requirements for a lunch, it is doubtful the second student went back to class hungry.  If your student says they are hungry when they get home, ask if they took all they were allowed.  Keep in mind that while we try to offer the most popular items as often as we can, we will never be able to please every student every day.  Encourage your student to make healthy choices and choose a variety of food from each food group so they get the daily nutrients needed for good health.

    Some students purchase Ala Carte items in addition to, or in lieu of, their lunches.  Our model student with the rib sandwich, tater tots, banana, and milk paid $1.75 for his regular lunch.  If another student comes along with a Rib Sandwich, Baked Potato Chips an Iced Tea, and Ice Cream, they will pay $3.15 because those were all charged as Ala Carte items.  He did not have what the state considers a reimbursable lunch because he only chose two allowable items (Meat and Bread); therefore all items were counted separately as Ala Carte items.  Please encourage your student to ask questions if they are in doubt about what they can include as part of their lunch.


Thank-you for your interest

Carl Kromer 

724/253-3255 x228

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