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Last Updated: 11/25/08

The ID Card

   In the Spring of 2000, the school district implemented the usage of student identification cards. Each student, 1st grade through 12th grade were given a simple ID card with their photo, name & address, phone number (if listed) and a bar code. The cards will be replaced school-wide every other year, using student's yearbook photos for the pictures.

    Students 1-12 will receive new ID cards in Fall of 2005.

*Beginning fall of 2006, only students in odd numbered grades & Kindergarten will receive new ID cards.*


    The school administration has agreed on several uses for the ID cards. The uses will be implemented in phases over a 2 year period. New phases may be added as time progresses.

Phase One: Provide ID cards to the students. (completed March 2000)

Phase Two: Usage of the ID cards for Breakfast and Lunch purchases. Accounts have been set up so that students may put money in their account and use the ID card like a debit card. (completed April 2000)

Phase Three: Incorporate the ID card system into the libraries for checking in and out books and other materials. (completed October 2001)

Phase Four:  The Faculty and Staff will be provided ID cards they can use for food purchases and library services. (completed January 2002)

Phase Five: Additions to the next set of ID card prints: A tally of how many reprints of their ID card will be printed on the reverse side. (completed September 2001)

Phase Six: We are looking at the possibility of using the Student ID cards for signing in and out a student during the school day. There is no set date for implementation.

Phase Seven: There are several businesses where showing the Student ID card can result in various discounts or unique purchases. (started October 2005)
"The Movies" on Rt 19 in Meadville is the 1st place offering students movie discounts during certain times of the day.
If you have other places you would like to see ID card use or discounts at, please e-mail webmaster.gif (1109 bytes) with the information.

Phase Eight: With the partnership of several businesses and changes to the distribution of ID cards, the cards have been redesigned. The new design will not be posted on-line. Half of the students will receive the new design cards this year and next year the rest will follow. ID cards will be printed each year for students in odd number grades and Kindergarten. (Summer of 2006 & Summer 2007)

Guidelines, Penalties & Replacement Costs

    The initial card and school issued reprints every other year are a free service to the students. However, the administration has agreed upon a penalty for lost or abused cards.

    Students are required to pay a $5.00 fee for the replacement of a lost ID card. The cards are not printed until monies are received (unless requested specifically by one of the four Administrators). On the upper right corner of the backside of each card is a one or three-digit number. This number signifies the number of reprints that student is currently on. The first digit is how many free reprints they have received, the second two digits are the number of paid reprints.
    If the card is broken from use, the school will foot the initial bill. If this becomes a regular event or we know the card was damaged from abuse, the student will have to pay the $5.00 fee for replacement card(s).
    The first printing is free, the 2nd-4th prints are $5.00 each, the 5th-10th printings are $10 each. At the 5th printing, not only will students be required to pay a $5 fee, they will also serve 1 detention at the discretion of the school Principal.

    If a High School student goes through the lunch line without his/her ID card, they will be asked to go to the end of the line until they either order a new card or bring their old one.

    Elementary students typically do not have possession of their cards except during lunch time and in the library. The rest of the time, the cards are in the possession of the Lunch Lady or Homeroom Teacher. IF, the student is in possession of their card and they lose it, Elementary students will pay a replacement fee. If school personnel inadvertently lose a student's card, the school pays the fee. For the student to be at fault, it has to be the unanimous agreement of the Lunch Lady or Librarian, Homeroom Teacher and Elementary Principle that the student misplaced the card. If the student is found defacing or breaking their card purposely, they will pay the $5.00 replacement fee.

    Any student on Free lunches will not have to pay for a replacement card until the 4th printing. Then, they will owe a $5.00 for the 4th printing. The 5th printing will be the $10.00 fee as all other student's pay.

    All Student Teachers, Teacher's Aides, Wrap-Arounds and other Support Staff must wear a CP ID card if their organization does not provide them one.   (9-01-01)

    Visitor's badges can be picked up in either one of the three offices and ARE required for all visitors.


bulletAll monies procured from the printing of ID cards are sent back to fund the process of printing new cards.
bulletMonies for ID card reprints can not come out of their lunch account. Those are separate accounts and organizations.
bulletUnlisted phone numbers are NOT printed on the ID cards. *All phone numbers have been removed from current ID cards*


Sample ID Card

This is the old design. The 2006 design will not be posted.
The phone number, street address & parent/guardian fields have been removed.

What about the money left in my account?

    Unless you are a senior, your money will be kept in your account for the next school year. If you are a senior, you must have your respective parent or guardian come to the school and pick up the refund monies from Mr. Kromer in the cafeteria.

bulletIf a student is leaving the school district, the student's parent or guardian must be the recipient of the refund check.
bulletNo student will be given a refund check.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the ID cards, please contact Mrs. Baer (General Use) or Mr. Kromer (Cafe Use) at: 724-253-2232


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