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   The following is some general information concerning our Lockdown procedures. As time progresses, more information will be made public. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, contact information can be found below.

    The District takes any Lockdown, actual or practice, as Serious. We encourage the public not to interfere. IF, in the very rare case, the Lockdown or Evacuation is real, any hindrance by the public or parents will only serve to decrease our ability to protect your children and family.


bulletWhat is a Lockdown?: In brief, a Lockdown is when the school becomes a secure facility. Students & Faculty are restricted to their designated location. People are not permitted to enter or leave the school property during a Lockdown. All Entrance doors are locked and in some cases, the facility driveways are blocked.
bulletAre all Lockdowns serious or an emergency?: We consider any Lockdown situation to be serious, drill or not. We ask for the full cooperation of any visitors within the district campus during a Lockdown. Not every Lockdown is an emergency. Some have been created for the simple task of clearing the hallways for various purposes (injured student, chemical spill, or other security issue).
bulletHow often is a Lockdown practiced? We run at least 2 practice Lockdown drills during the school year. Every step is taken as if it were a real situation. The State Police attend and observe the drills. The local Fire Department also serve during the drills to work with the Safe School's Committee.
Note: If the Fire Department is blocking the school's driveways, we are in a Lockdown. Do not panic! We have your child's safety in best interests. Any attempt to break a blockade will only aggravate the situation and you risk the possibility of being detained by the Police.
bulletDo you ever practice Evacuations? Yes. We practice 1 evacuation a year. It helps the faculty find any possible problems and it teaches the students what they need to do in such an event. The locations where we evacuate to are undisclosed at this time. The public will be notified of the location if it is an emergency.
bulletWhat should Parents & Guardians do in a Lockdown or Evacuation?
bulletDo Not Panic! Do Not Interfere! The School District has the full support of local emergency services. The District understands the concern of the parents and guardians. The safety of the students comes first.
bulletPlease, we ask you NOT to call the school or attempt to call a student on their cell phone. We need to keep phone lines open for emergency services. If there are concerns with a student, the School District or State Police will call you.
bulletIf the District is in a Lockdown or Evacuation due to a bomb threat, the use of a cell phone has been proven to be able to trigger such a weapon.
bulletIf you are in the building during a Lockdown or Evacuation. Please follow Teacher and/or Administrator's instruction. You are now in our safety. Please work with us in such an event.
bulletHow can the public find out more information concerning Lockdowns or Evacuations and how they effect students and safety concerns? Currently, you can contact the Safe School's Committee through the following e-mail address: safeschool @cppanthers.org We are working on a new method of contact. It will be posted soon.


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